Regesh Child and Family Services

Regesh Family and Child Services empower children, youth and families through accessible and affordable mental health interventions. Regesh Family and Child Services provide counseling programs, such as an active school-based treatment program, professional consultation, family support therapy programs, an anger management clinic, summer day program and a play therapy program for children ages 4-12. We utilize a holistic and multi-disciplinary approach to provide a stable foundation which addresses the individual’s needs and abilities to become more healthy and balanced. Regesh’s community work specializes with at-risk and identified youth and families who can benefit from preventive and therapeutic intervention helping the individual or family become more invested in the community.

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How Do We Help?

Play Therapy for Children (ages 4 -12)

Play therapy is a proven therapy that allows children to grow, learn, heal and thrive. Children often do not have the ability to verbally express their thoughts and feelings. Play therapy, conducted by a trained play therapist, offers children the opportunity to express themselves, learn appropriate coping skills and resolve emotional difficulties.

Get Off the Streets (G.O.T.S.)

Get off the Street (G.O.T.S.) is a summer day camp for youth ranging in ages from 13-19 years.   G.O.T.S. runs seven weeks during July and August for up to 30 youth per day. This program is free for at risk youth.  It is a fun, stimulating and safe way for kids to stay off the streets in the summer and out of trouble while learning life and social skills.

Reconnecting Youth

Designed for students in grade 9-12, Reconnecting Youth (RY) is a semester-long class offered for credit in selected high schools during the regular school day.  The course focuses on building life skills in a small class size.  RY provides an additional After-School Program for three days per week offering a safe environment to reinforce those skills learned in the classroom.

Anger Management

Our Anger Management program for children, teens and adults, is non-judgmental and teaches the role of anger in your life and how to overcome out-of-control behaviours. When controlled, anger is normal. The question to be asked is whether you are controlling your anger or is anger controlling you.

Family Therapy

Family crises affect everyone’s ability to function well at home, at school, at work and in the community. At Regesh, we recognize

  • every family is unique and every crisis is unique. Our approach is flexible and we “fit” to your family.
  • if one family member is having a problem the whole family is affected. Therefore, most treatment should include all family members.
  • acknowledge the pain that family members experience.