Why Donate?

We are the only ones crazy enough to run an agency servicing so many clients without any core government funding. Our operating costs are all funded by fees and donations.

Regesh is efficient.  We operate at low cost, with low overhead. Our summer G.O.T.S. and Reconnecting Youth programs are free to at-risk youth, all other programs are offered on a sliding scale based on family income.  Because of donours like you, low income families will be charged lower fees.  As a charity, our Board of Directors are volunteers from the community.

Helping youth get back on track is cheaper than long term policing costs and mental health care costs.

Give back to your community – to families and youth who need your help.  Check this link for Our Impact in the GTA.

How to help

1.  Donate today.  You will receive a tax receipt for all donations over $20.
Donate Now Through CanadaHelps.org!

2.  Host a “Parlour Meeting”

A parlour meeting is a fund-raising event you host on behalf of your favourite charity.  The venue can be your own home, a meeting room in your office, party room at your condo or a club lounge.  The event could be an afternoon tea, breakfast meeting or an evening.

As the host, you will help coordinate the event with Regesh staff and invite a small group of your friends and associates as guests.  Regesh will provide refreshments and a speaker to discuss issues of at-risk youth in your community.

We appreciate all your support.  We are delighted to work with you to find more donours to help at-risk youth.

3.  Whenever possible, ask someone who is already committed to match any dollars raised.

Contact Ed Schild at 416-495-8832 ext 222 or email info@regesh.com.

“I am now finishing my first year of college and have made the Dean’s Honours List, something I never would have achieved before this program.”

Kristin B