Regesh focuses on youth in areas designated as at-risk.

What your donation will provide:

$300+  nutritional treats for Reconnecting Youth participants and alumni for one month after-school program

$350    free registration for one single mother to attend our 8 week Parenting Workshop

$550     free registration for one at-risk teen to receive 11 weekly individual sessions for Anger Management

$700     nutritional treats for summer day camp for 30 at-risk teens

$850    free registration for each at-risk child to receive the first 10 private Play Therapy sessions  (on average children spend 40 sessions in Play Therapy)

$1,000+  all programming supplies for one semester of the school year (22 teens)

$2500+  administrative support for the Reconnecting Youth program for 2 months

$5000+  all programming supplies for one school year

We would be delighted to add your corporate logo to our website.

Contact Ed Schild at 416-495-8832, ext. 222 or email

Shehryar Babar“Reconnecting Youth was one class I always showed up for”,  Shehryar B.