Hettie Clairman Reconnecting Youth Program

Drop-out Prevention Program – A peer group approach to building life skills.

Photo 2014-04-15Designed for students in grade 9-12, Reconnecting Youth (RY) is a semester-long class offered for credit in selected high schools during the regular school day.  The course focuses on building life skills in a small class size.  RY provides an additional After-School Program for three days per week offering a safe environment to reinforce those skills learned in the classroom part of the Program.

Started in the United States, Reconnecting Youth is an evidence-based, proven, award-winning program targeted at high risk youth.  Regesh is proud to be the first Canadian agency to use this treatment-based intervention.


  • Improve school performance.  Results show that GPA increases 20%.
  • Decrease drug use.  Results show that hard drug use decreases by 60%.
  • Improve moods

521340_10151793961920648_359692501_nStudents obtain a credit for one semester in a small class size (10-12 students). Teens learn about enhanced esteem, decision-making, personal control and interpersonal communication.  Participating youth also access an after-school program with other alumni to reinforce their new skills in a safe environment.  One trained adult Facilitator monitors attendance, school achievement, moods, drug involvement.  The Facilitator helps youth make healthy choices for friendships and social activities.

Who can participate?  Students who

  • are having a poor school experience
  • are behind in credits or have slipping grades
  • are skipping school or at risk of dropping out

Before joining the course, each student is personally invited to participate and then must make an informed choice to participate.

Our results

With seed funding from the federal government, Regesh initially completed a four-year pilot program in three TDSB schools where we  have reconnected over 400 at-risk youth to their schools and turned them into students with motivation. Currently, through fund raising, Regesh continues to provide this award winning Program.

Read this favourable article from Margaret Wente of the Globe and Mail (April 2014).

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“Reconnecting Youth helped me make better decisions and think before I act”

Kareem M.