Our Impact

Our mission is to provide quality counselling for children, youth and families of all nationalities.

Play Therapy for Kids:

Approximately 20 children are seen in the play therapy program weekly.  These children come with various serious problems, including grief and loss, behavioural issues, school problems, family problems including divorce and separation, serious illnesses in the family, anger and other issues requiring early intervention.

Most children participating in play therapy attend weekly sessions for 8 – 10 months.

Referrals are usually made from other agencies, schools and families.  Families and referring sources have shared numerous testimonies as to the wonderful benefits of the Regesh play therapy program.

Reconnecting Youth:

The Regesh Reconnecting Youth Program has been acclaimed as a better practices program since its inception in 2007.  Numerous newspaper reporters have visited and highly endorsed the values of this program.  Likewise, the current Toronto Mayor, city counsellors, school trustees, school principals and teachers, parents and kids have raved about the amazing results of this Program.  Testimonials have continuously come each year about this Program.  Between 2010 – 2014 almost 400 kids were directly impacted by attending the credit course in three schools over four years.  Testimonials within a Reconnecting Youth Newsletter by the participants have been accumulated each year.

Evaluations of this Program were conducted both internally and by an external, third-party consulting group.

  • Improve school performance.  Results show that GPA increases 20%.
  • Decrease drug use.  Results show that hard drug use decreases by 60%.
  • Improve moods

In 2013, the following impact was measured by the independent consulting group regarding the three schools.


Summer Program for Youth (G.O.T.S)

Since 2007, this free seven-week program helps an average of 50 pre-teens and teens per summer to learn new social and life skills while providing a safe, fun environment to stay off the streets and out of trouble.   This Program has been visited by Provincial politicians and newspaper reporters over the years.  They have acclaimed the benefits of this Program for the personal and emotional growth of all participants.

Anger Management:

Referrals to the Anger Management Clinic come from lawyers, courts, schools, families and other agencies.  The Program consists of 11 individual sessions for each client.  In 2014, Regesh held approximately 20 individual weekly sessions helping children, teens and adults to learn personal management control.

Overall, the Agencies services over 500 clients annually.