Reconnecting Teachers – NEW!

Research proves that teachers have a profound impact, both positive and negative, on every child and their desire to learn.  Our program helps teachers be the best educators they can be.

Teachers will learn how to handle the following scenarios while maintaining a safe environment in the classroom:

  • a child talks back to the teacher in front of other students
  • a child chronically forgets homework
  • a child says “I can’t” before even looking at the assignment
  • an ADHD child begins to act out during your lesson
  • a frustrated child with learning disabilities shouts loudly that she hates you and walks out

Currently, the primary focus of our schools is on teaching information, memorizing details and tests. Some students may cognitively and emotionally shut down because of fear, helplessness, anxiety and nervousness that this approach can elicit.  These situations can be worsened if there are overwhelming situations within the child’s home.

In order to learn, children need confidence.  This confidence is given by adults whose opinion the child values.  Children will push themselves past comfort zones when they have a relationship with a teacher who believes in them, makes an effort to get to know them and who can relate in an empathetic way.

This course helps teachers connect with their students through important lessons in life: compassion, resiliency and trust.

This training workshop can be given with a small or large group of teachers of grades Nursery-12.  The course is 16 hours (either two 8-hour days or eight evenings sessions)

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“Reconnecting Youth is hands down the best course I took.”

T Lochan