Anger Management Clinic

The way we think … becomes the way we feel … which becomes the way we act.

This program, for children, teens and adults. is non-judgmental and teaches the role of anger in our lives and how to overcome out-of-control behaviours.  When controlled, anger is normal.  The question to be asked is whether you are controlling your anger or is anger controlling you.

You will learn the connection between stress, anger, self-esteem and personal control.  You will learn how to gain control over your negative thoughts and feelings and you will learn the consequences of your anger.  This program is approved by many lawyers and judges in the GTA.

Anger is an emotion.  When you learn how to control your anger, you will make better life choices.

Sessions include, but are not limited to:

  • The relationship of personal history to anger development
  • An understanding of how people are perceived
  • The “Anger Circle”
  • Reaction vs response
  • The relationship between good stress and anger management
  • The relationship between feelings and thoughts
  • The relationship between self-esteem and personal control
  • A better understanding of how your past plays a critical role in your present and future
  • Stress triggers and reactions
  • The concept of self-talk (negative and positive)
  • The relationship between self-esteem, confidence and making good choices
  • Anger as an opportunity to learn from the past
  • Six steps of anger management
  • The sequence of anger and how to control anger

Individual sessions:

Register now for 11 sessions with an anger management specialist.   Fees are on a sliding scale.   You will receive a charitable tax receipt for a portion of your fee.

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“I learned to own up to my mistakes”

Jamar J